10 Moderators Better Than Lester Holt

10 Moderators Better Than Lester Holt 

Look we’re sure that NBC news anchor, Lester Holt, is a nice guy but debates are not his thing. Instead of moderating last nights event he ghosted us, leaving Hillary to run this Trump circus on her own. So we decided to have a little fun and come up with a list of 10 people (animal and or objects) we would love to have as a presidential debate moderator. People who wouldn’t put up with Trump and is whiny antics.

Samuel L. Jackson

tpoHe’s in everything else, you might as well put him in the debates.
Plus we’re sure to walk away with some good one liners!

Alan from The Hangover

tumblr_m8wo4aejjw1rbw6bto1_500Because he’s willing to act out all the things we wish we could do to these people!

Ellen Degeneres
giphy-1Ever watched a scary movie followed by a cartoon to help you sleep at night? Think of Ellen as the cartoon ready to save you from a night of political nightmares!

Shoe Turtle
ecause nothing else will take the attention off of Trump
like a turtle owning a shoe!

Chelsea Handler
ecause she’ll say exactly what we’re thinking!

Miss Piggy
he’s cute, sassy and not to be fucked with. She would own Trump and give Hillary some real competition to work with!

Serena Williams’ Racquet
f you can take a beating from Serena you can handle two disgruntled old folks!

Viola Davis
ecause she’s not afraid to call you out!

Jon Stewart
There is no better way to thank him for his contributions to society, than by giving him control of a political debate staring Donald Drumpf.

North West
giphy-3Because If Trump can’t play nice North will just shut that shit down and bounce!