10 Things You Will Experience in NYC in Your 20s

Walk of Shame

Arriving home from a night out when everyone else is greeting the day. This is one of the trippiest sensations ever, but consider your ass initiated. It’s a rite of passage. We’ve all been there.


Your bank account dipping dangerously low. As in so low that you’ll need to go a week without making any purchases which, trust me, is no joke.



Little friends in your home that do not pay rent. Cockroaches. Mice. Perhaps even a cockamouse (shoutout to HIMYM fans)!

MTA Woes


There will come a day when you desperately need your train to cooperate more than ever and it simply will not come. Every single other train will arrive but yours. And then yours finally does and there’s a delay, or vomit on the floor, or a smelly person, or no air conditioning in 95 degree weather. Right. Remind me again why we’re about to have a fare increase?!

Crying in Public


Own it. It means you’re a real New Yorker.


Holiday season in New York. There’s just something about this place during the holidays that will melt your heart and fill you with joy. The lights, the window displays, the smell of Christmas trees on the street… Love is all around!


Loving boozy brunch… and then hating boozy brunch. There’s nothing better or worse than a hangover that starts at 3pm.


Avoiding laundry at all costs. Lugging it downstairs to the laundromat, waiting for the wash to finish, lugging several dryer-forbidden wet items home (maybe dropping some lingerie on the street on the way) and then returning to the laundromat to lug the dry items home. No, thank you. Laundry becomes reserved only for those moments when you run out of clean underwear… and/or have already turned all of your underwear inside out and worn them that way, too.

Shrinking Social Circle


The high school and college acquaintances will fade and you’ll realize that with such a limited amount of time in this crazy city, you truly can only afford to see the people who matter. It’s a little sad but also wonderful to know that the core several people in your life are there because you want them there and because they want to be there.

I <3 NY Moment


The beautiful moment when you look around– whether it be in Times Square, the West Village, Central Park, or even a grimy subway platform– and think to yourself: “this city is absolute magic.”

By Shayna Schmidt

10 Things You Will Experience in NYC in Your 20s
Article Name
10 Things You Will Experience in NYC in Your 20s
Here are 10 things the most new Yorkers will experience in NYC in your 20s!