20 Things To Let Go Of This Year

“Let it go!”:
20 Things to Relieve Your Soul This New Year

Alanna Strong

Similar to cheap bodega coffee or the newer Nicolas Sparks movies, the general consensus of 2016 is “Well, that was terrible”. We even kept moving along with high hopes, crossing our already crossed fingers until our knuckles were as white as our government in hopes of a better tomorrow. While we can’t change anything about last year, here are some things we can let go of this new year.

(Lists like these are easy to read. They’re easy to scan through and agree with, but difficult to actually put into practice. Focus on one of these at a time. One a day, one a week, however you see fit to truly put these in practice. Future self will thank your past self for taking care of you.)

Taking Things Personally

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I bet you think this article is about you. You think all of these are for you and going to resonate so soundly with your soul. Well, yes in this case please take this personally. But other things in life you needn’t take personally. Remind yourself this year that not everything is about you, for you, or against you.

Those Clothes You Keep Keeping That You “might wear one day”

You won’t wear them. I promise. You think you might but you won’t. You know who will wear them? Whoever they’re given to if you donate them. They will most definitely wear those clothes.

Instantly Judging People

 Sometimes it’s easier to see the aspects of others you don’t like as opposed to qualities you do like about them. Let the likable details about someone outshine anything you may initially dislike.


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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Decide to be fearless. What’s the worst that could happen?

Keeping a Packed and Busy Schedule

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This is a big one for me. I make sure I know exactly what I’m doing every moment of every day so I am too distracted to plunge into a deep existential crisis when I feel like I’m not amounting to anything. Breathe. Take some time for yourself. Let go of some tasks. Say “no” to some people. You deserve a break.

Rewarding Yourself With Food

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 You are not a dog (unless you are, then please skip to number 7). You do not need a treat every time you do something good, accomplishing, or satisfying.

Facebook Drama

Really any social media drama. Why? Why is it so important that you argue with someone over a piece of technology which ultimately makes people angry? Whenever you see something you want to start some Facebook drama with, text a friend about how ridiculous it is and hit that backspace button.

Dwelling on Your Mistakes 

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You are, presumably, a human being between the ages of “alive” and “dead”, so chances are you’ve made mistakes. It’s part of the deal. Humans make mistakes. And no one will remember your mistakes except for you. Let that sh*t go.

Comparing Your Success to the Success of Others

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You are on your own journey, at your own pace, in your own time. You will be where you need to be when you need to be there. Be patient with yourself. Rejoice in others’ success, as opposed to seeing it as a reason to get down on yourself.


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Letting go of your regrets is such a cliche, I don’t feel this needs an explanation. As one Shia Labeouf said, “Just do it!”

The One Bad Habit You Keep Saying You Should Stop

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You know very well you need to stop. What better time than that of the new year! And when January 10rd comes around and you say “Wow! I’ve gone ten days without [insert your bad habit here]! I deserve to [insert bad habit here]!” avoid surrendering to the bad habit. We all know New Years Resolutions never stick. Make it stick this year. There’s never been a better time to succeed.

Treating Others With Disrespect

Everyone has their own schedule, feelings, families, memories, and lives. Start treating others with the kindness, love, and compassion we all deserve from one another.

Pretending to be Happy 

We’ve all had those days. It takes so much energy to “put on a happy face” or “fake it until you make it”. Why not exist the way you are? Find authenticity in your mood and state of being.

Having All The Answers 

It’s okay to say “I don’t know” from time to time. Especially in our day and age, there’s an enormous amount of pressure to know what our exact beliefs are. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not have all the answers.

Making People Agree With You

Not every conversation is a debate. Exercise having healthy conversations where no one “wins”. Simply expressing your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs to someone is enough—whether or not they agree with you.

That One ex-boy/girl/person/coworker/friend You Can’t Stop Thinking of 

Message them. Talk to them. Text them. Who cares what they may think. Because once you have some closure, you’ll feel a lot better.

Thinking Reasonably

Reasonable thinking leads to limits. Imagine for a time, you have no limits. There is nothing you cannot achieve. See potential in everything. Aspire to be and create more.

Considering Your Physical Appearance as Self-Worth 

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Remind yourself that your value comes from within—not fashion or external perfection. Embrace each and every physical quality you may dislike. Your physical attributes do not define you.

Saying You Can’t Do Something 

You can. Whatever that thing is, you can do it. You are completely capable and able. Have some determination, drive, and desire and you can accomplish whatever you want this year.

Making it a “Good” Year


Let’s face it. Every year isn’t really good or bad. Years simply happen to be how we measure time (or five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes). But within this year will be good moments, and bad moments. Embrace it all. Take it all in. Because regardless of if today is good or bad, there’s always going to be a tomorrow. And hey, if 2017 happens to be worse than 2016, we can keep our hopes up for 2018.