Best Ways to Buy Comedy Tickets

Best Ways to Buy Comedy Tickets

Best Comedy tickets

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If you’re strictly interested in stand up comedy, and don’t want to weed through the many deals and comedy-adjacent options available on websites like Groupon and Living Social, Best Comedy Tickets is the place for you. With shows updated in real time, you have easy access to shows in 7 major cities and an inside track on where to get your laughs. They’ll give you a rundown of the comedy scene in your city so you don’t have to conduct an extensive google search. Essentially, you’ve got options right in front of you, with clubs like Comic Strip Live, New York Comedy Club, The Stand, and Stand Up NY all within their network. Check out their site and see for yourself.

Times Square

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The gentlemen of the square are congenial, they’ll capture your attention with a funny remark or an astute yet funny observation. Then, they’ll artfully weave their sales pitch in in between jokes. Then you have a choice to make: accept their first offer, or see if their willing/able to lower the price for you. We do advise that you yelp the places their selling tickets to because caveat emptor. We’ve had good experiences with the guys from Stand Up NY.

Venue Website or Venue Box Office

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If you know exactly where you want to go, go straight to the source and get your tickets. There’s nothing wrong with buying directly from the venue, you get a little more information about the venue than you might on some of the deal sites like Travel Zoo. Also, some comedy clubs only have tickets available through their site or venue, such as Comedy Cellar. Make sure you do your due diligence and you won’t be disappointed.

Discount sites
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For a more rounded experience Groupon and Living Social are great because they offer deals that include drinks, and honestly, who doesn’t love a sale? If you’re just in it for the laughs, and not too particular about where you get them these websites offer deals on special engagement shows, like a burlesque and comedy show downtown. It can also be a lot more work, you have to dig for what you want sometimes, or maybe research the various people doing shows all over the city, checking if you find the featured comedian or performer funny. These sites are not for purists.

Third party sites like
Ticket producer or Stubhub

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When/if your unicorn visits town, that one performer you’d miss your best friend’s birthday party for, and you find that she/he/they are actually everyone’s unicorn, sites like Stubhub and Ticket Producer are guaranteed to come through, almost every time. What it really comes down to (like so many other things in NYC) is networking. With sites like these (especially Ticket Producer) their network is vast, and eclectic, they can and will find you tickets.

By Fiona Thompson