Doordash Review


doordash review

Doordash Review

Ever been extremely hungry, yet extremely busy? Sure, who hasn’t! With so many food delivery companies popping up in NYC, you can literally be anywhere at anytime and get fed. So how do you choose which one to go with? This time around, I knew exactly what I was in the mood for and unfortunately there was only one delivery service that was partnered with this restaurant,

The process to order my food was simple and easy. Once my order was placed, I was given an estimated window of time for when I should expect my food to arrive. This window was projected to be an hour and a half after my order was place, even though I ordered a salad. Nevertheless, this is New York and it was a little past the lunch rush so I was understanding to the projected wait time.

BUT! Yes, there’s a big but in this! As we all know, time flies here in the city and after a while I began to wonder where my salad was. I took a look at the clock and it was past the projected delivery time. Luckily, Doordash lists the number of your deliverer and I gave him a call. Once I got ahold of him, he informed me that he was in line getting ready to order my food. IN LINE!

So like any other hangry (hungry+angry) New Yorker, I asked why he was just now getting in line to order instead of already at my door. He says, “another order came in after yours and it looked easier so I decided to do that delivery first.” I’m thinking, what could be easier than a salad?

Of course I contacted customer service to cancel my order and receive a refund. But I was told this wasn’t possible since the order was already placed. But what New Yorker takes no for an answer? So after an hour of speaking with 3 different representatives I finally received a refund. My suggestion is, if you want food go get it yourself!


Review by Amy Mack

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