Eating Cheap with Auntie Fee: In Memoriam

Eating Cheap with Auntie Fee: In Memoriam

In New York, a meal can cost you a pretty penny.  So how do you survive when you’re in between paychecks?

You plan ahead with Auntie Fee (God rest her soul)!

We truly wish she’d been given a TV gig on ShowTime or HBO ’cause she sure would’ve cleaned up with the ratings.  Beloved by millions, Auntie Fee helped her viewers save money by creating cheap, easy meal plans. If you’re not a good cook, no worries! She has tips a-plenty to help you through the tricky parts.

In honor of Auntie Fee who, in deservedly fabulous diva fashion had her funeral live streamed on April 1, 2017, we’d like to share a few ways she helped her fans stretch a dollar and fill hungry bellies… one hearty laugh at a time!

*Rated R: For Profanity

Raisin Turnover

When in Doubt: add more sugar
“Put a lot of sugar in it so it taste real good for the kids an’ shit” – Auntie Fee

Feed 7 People on $3.35

When in Doubt: add more cheese

“Kids and fat people like a lot of cheese.” – Auntie Fee

Auntie Fee’s Baked Chicken

When in Doubt: add more parsley
“…dried Parsely, you see that shit right there? This mothafucka make any mothafucking thing taste good!” – Auntie Fee

Auntie Fee’s Oatmeal

Tip: Keep the butter container once you’re done, it will come in handy.

“Rob the container for all the butter.” – Auntie Fee

Pork Chop Realness

Tip: Rub in the seasoning for more flavor

“Rub ’em in like you puttin’ grease and shit on yo own ass!” – Auntie Fee

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May Auntie Fee (Felicia A. O’Dell) rest in heavenly peace.

May 7, 1957 – March 17, 2017