Fiddler on the Roof Broadway Review

Photo by Joan Marcus

Fiddler on the Roof 

B- Story
A- Production
A- Cast

The musical theatre classic from 1964, comes to life at The Broadway Theatre staring the legendary Danny Burstein.  Fiddler follows the tale of Tevye, a very “traditional” Jewish father in the village of Anatevka (found in Imperial Russia) circa 1905.  Tevye is a poor dairyman who has five daughters, three of which are of marrying age, and the story follows his struggle to find suitable husbands for them.  Like many great tales of Jewish history, the story has a dark undercurrent of intolerance and discrimination which goes into full effect by Act II.

Somehow in my years of theatre going, I have avoided this classic, without much enthusiasm of seeing it.  Needless to say, I am thankful this amazing revival was my first exposure to the show.  First off, Danny Burstein is everything.  His Tevye is like a big, hilarious Jewish Teddy Bear.  The rest of the cast is great but there aren’t standouts (except for the exceptional Hungarian Dancers).

The plot is what it is.  It may be a classic but that doesn’t mean it is perfect.  Although I admire the metaphorical meaning behind how intolerance doesn’t really effect the Village of Anatevka until it’s too late, it sort of gives the story an unsatisfying and very quick ending.  

The biggest “issue” with this production is the choice of theatre.  The great and beautiful Broadway Theatre is just way too large for such an intimate and simple show.  The poor actors are drowned by stage space.  This production reminds me a lot of last seasons revival of On The Town, great show with a very poor theatre choice.


The Broadway Theatre
1681 Broadway
New York, NY 10019


Bartlett Sher

Music & Lyrics

Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick


Joseph Stein


Danny Burstein, Jessica Hecht, Alexandra Silber, Adam Kantor

Audience Tips

16+, Great show to see with friends and family (safe for children but not recommended), Orchestra or Front Mezzanine Seats are ideal



Review By Kevin Reed
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