Forget Ebola…

The Telltale Signs of Gen – Y

Nowadays everyone is going nuts over Ebola. You can’t sneeze on the subway without someone cringing and calling the CDC! As scary as this all is, we have bigger problems on our hands. While we’ve only had a handful of Ebola cases in the United States, there is another disease that affects millions of people everyday, Gen – Y. This disease is incredibly scary, as it is developed at a young age and most people don’t realize they have it! Don’t be the last to know if you have Gen – Y, check out the symptoms below.

Do You…

Know Who This Woman Is?


But have no clue who this man is
Ban Ki-moon
Someone should tell this guy to get a reality show.

Have More Facebook Friends Than Real Friends?


Russia? Never been there but he seems cool…привет? Ew, did he just привет me? Unfriend. Sorry not Sorry!

Get Annoyed That Men Are Constantly Catcalling You?


Yet these are any everyday occurrence? Can you really blame guys, when this (bikini, bra/panty, boobie hangin’, booty poppin’ pics) consumes their feed?

Spend More Time Reading This


Instead of this

new-york-times-logo cropped

and then wonder why our rank is this
National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics
Below the OECD average in reading? It’s okay, we’ll do better next time. Watch out Estonia!

Wait In Line For Hours/Days For This

But Can’t Be Bothered To Wait In Line For This
Yes, I understand voting is important but what about me?

Think Your Boss Is An Ass For Not Promoting You?

But it’s been a year and I show up EVERYDAY!

Know How To Get A Date On Here


But struggle to find a date outside of this


And then wonder why it didn’t lead to this


Or at least this


What part of “relationship” don’t these people understand? Oh well on to the next…this one is hotter anyway.

Feel This Is The Answer To All Of Your Questions?


The cost of living is too high! I mean, how do people expect you to make rent every month? Hey Joe, my usual please…but add another 3 rounds, shit is rough!

Know How To Take A Selfie
But don’t know how to do this

Check? Please, that’s what direct deposit is for.

Spend A Lot Of Time Reading This

Good BF

and this


and this

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.27.38 AM

instead of just doing this


Who knew I would learn so much from just talking to you? This is amazing, I have to tweet about this!

The signs for Gen – Y are endless and sometimes impossible to prevent, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed! If you or anyone you know show any of these signs, turn off your laptop/phone/iPad, call a friend over, make some tacos, watch the news and wait for the epic conversation that’s about to develop!

Know any other signs of Gen – Y? Share them with us!

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