Let’s Put Racism & Discrimination Into Perspective.

Let’s put racism and discrimination into perspective.

Giuliani on “Black on Black crime!”

Yes, this is a former New York Mayor saying, “The white police officers won’t have be there if you weren’t killing each other.” Someone should tell ol’ boy that his alternative facts haven’t made it into the official crime statistics, which continuously show that white-on-white crime is factually more prevalent in America. #MicDrop

Reza Aslan schooling CNN presenters!

Reza Aslan breaks it down and proves how narrow our perception of the Muslim world is.

John Stewart doing John Stewart best…

Anyone else miss this man as much as we do?

Michael Moore on the reality of Flint as a resident of Flint

It’s 2017 and there are people in America without access to clean water. Let that sink in. People travel to parts of Africa to aid with a crisis that is CURRENTLY HAPPENING RIGHT HERE IN CORPORATE AMERICA. In the words of Michael Moore, “If it were happening in another country, we’d call it an ethnic cleansing.”

Prince Ea with some deep words.

Prince Ea (the anti social media guy) is back with some very interesting points.

 Obama surprises press after Trayvon verdict.

The most important word is “context” and one of the greatest presidents in American history explains that with true honesty.

Rachel Blevins on what the media ISN’T telling you about DAPL.

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was originally meant to go through the community of Bismarck (a predominantly white area).  When the citizens resisted due to fears of water contamination, the pipeline moved to the Sioux community who have considerably less political power.