Munchery Review


Munchery Review

You’ve just finished another 10-hour workday. You’re tired and hungry. The last thing you want to do is hover over a hot stove.

Cue Munchery.  It’s as if a legendary Michelin-starred restaurant had a love child with Seamless!

Ordering via Munchery is a rather delightful experience. The company’s in-house chefs “create dishes that get delivered right to your door, ready to heat when you want to eat.” Their offerings change daily and they boast an impressive kids menu that is organic, sophisticated and deliciously edible. Plus, you can review the nutritional value and ingredients of every dish. First-timers receive a personalized postcard and free dessert with their delivery. But the best part? Munchery provides you with a photo and GPS tracking of your delivery person, so you know exactly who is coming to your door and the time they’ll come a-knocking…

Schedule your bubble bath accordingly.

The Lamb and Lentil Soup was hands-down extraordinary. The meat was tender, the lentils were creamy and the broth was hearty and flavorful with a hint of mint. We also tried their Bacon and Black Pepper Biscuit… It was light and fluffy with bits of chewy bacon that complemented with sweet, creamy maple butter. The Sushi was beautifully presented with a variety of fresh fish accompanied by fresh wasabi and soy sauce. The Num Pang Pork Loin Sandwich was the only disappointing dish we had and truthfully, it was only because we wished the pork was a bit crispier.  By regular sandwich standards, the filling was fresh, flavorful and actually quite good. For dessert we had the Summer Stone Fruits (a medley of white and yellow peaches, nectarines and apricots in a light syrup of green tea and honey) with house-made ricotta and pistachios – it was love at first taste!

We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Healthy, hearty food makes for very happy dining in the comfortable confines of your home.


By: Dana Ferguson


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Thanks Munchery!