NYC Pride Parade 2016

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Photo by: Tom Liddy

NYC Pride Parade 2016

The time has come to celebrate the 46th annual NYC Pride Parade!

The Pride Parade has become an event that everyone looks forward to in NYC. It is a time and place in which everyone is welcomed regardless of their age, race, gender or sexuality. It is a celebration of life and struggle as well as a place, to express yourself artistically. From head to toe body paint, fairy wings, heels, wigs, or lingerie, you just never know who you might run into!

We have to admit, previous celebrations have been amazing, last year alone there were 350 people marching with over 80 floats, making 2015 its largest celebration. However, NYC Pride Parade 2016 is special because President Obama just named The Stonewall Monument, an American National Park! It is the first national monument dedicated to remembering the history of struggle for the LGBT community.

As if that weren’t enough, NYC Pride decided to top previous years by introducing their youngest Grand Marshal, Jazz Jennings. A voice for young trans people, best known for her TLC docu-series, I Am Jazz. 

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NYC Pride Parade 2016 promises to bring the special so don’t miss it!



Event Date/ Time

Sunday ,June 26th, 2016 @ 12 pm

Parade Route