NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

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NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

We’re just a few days away from one of the most anticipated events of the year, the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The event is free but there is one rule everyone must follow – you have to wear green! So start digging through your closet for your green wigs, t-shirts, glasses and underwear…just keep the underwear in your pants and not on your head. Trust us, we wouldn’t be saying it if we didn’t see it before!

The NYC St. Patrick’s Day is unlike any other parade, but it does keep one tradition – The Grand Marshall. This year the event will be led by Grand Marshal, Michael J. Dowling, the president and chief executive officer of Northwell Health. Yea…we don’t know who he is either but don’t let that stop you from joining in on the festivities! The event starts at 11 a.m. on 44th street and 5th Avenue and ends at the American Irish Historical Society on East 8th street. Once the marching ends head to a pub or bar and party the night away, but drink responsibly!



Event Date/Time

Friday, March 17 2017 @ 11 am

Parade Route



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