Smith and Wollensky NYC

Smith and Wollensky NYC

797 3rd Avenue
(between 49th and 50th st)
New York, NY 10022
(212) 753-1530

Smith and Wollensky NYC is what happened to midtown after a cosmetic salesman named Alan Stillman borrowed $5,000 from his mama to open a singles bar in Manhattan in 1965 that he called T.G.I. Friday’s…! Twelve years later he struck gold (again) by opening a steakhouse he named by randomly choosing two surnames from the phone directory.

Today, the green and white, stand-alone wooden building called Smith and Wollensky is still delivering consistently superb steaks.  And while the price tag may be somewhat higher than what the average 20-something would spend on a meal ($40-$50), Smith and Wollensky offers everything you need to justify closing your eyes and swiping that plastic. USDA Prime steaks, dry aged and hand butchered on the premises? Mm-hmm. Tasteful, rustic decor? Yup. Walls that archive the history of the joint through art, photos, reviews and name plates? Uh-huh.  Considering the owner’s history, is should be no surprise that they also have a bar room – Wollensky’s Grill—that stays open until 2 am.
Oh and don’t frown on getting their burger – it’s one of the best in midtown!


6th to 51st st


Mon-Fri          11:45am – 11pm

Sat-Sun          5pm – 11pm