How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets 

Inflation in NYC is the truth. I find myself constantly contemplating whether I want to spend x amount of dollars on something that’s absolutely not worth it.  From a $4.25 bagel (because you want strawberry cream cheese) to $142 theater tickets, there’s always that nagging feeling that you’re being robbed. In the case of theater tickets you actually do need to be on your guard. Here are a few tips when purchasing broadway tickets:

Avoid Craigslist

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

Just don’t. I swear to you it will more than likely end with you being or feeling cheated. If you insist though, a few tips: if the price seems too good to be true it is. If something seems odd or off, it is, if you’re given very little time to decide, just say no.

Say No to Scalpers

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

Be wary of scalpers who play aloof and borderline rude, they’re driving up the price to an astronomical number, pretending they don’t need/want your business, so that you won’t realize that you are being robbed blind. A quick distinction, scalpers are people you find in front of the venue near show time. The sales reps by TKTS work for companies that simply offer competitive prices.

Do Your Research

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

A good price is relative to what you’re willing to pay. It helps if you research the show you want to see and the day/time you want to see it. If there aren’t many seats left in the theater, prices will be expensive. On the flip side, if there are a lot of available seats, then you might be able to get a good deal.

Don’t Fall For Fakes

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

 A real ticket always has a barcode, theater details, date and time for the show, and most of the time a ticket price. That being said there are some incredibly convincing fakes and if you’re not able to test the validity of the tickets, go with your gut.

Buy Tickets From A Trusted Source

Buy tickets from a trusted source, there’s about a million ticket brokers from here to Texas who sell tickets to broadway shows, sporting events, concerts etc…Here’re 5 with a proven track record:

Ticket Producer

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets These guys are especially good for obtaining hard to get tickets like Hamilton. The best part is you get to speak with a person who can work with the limitations of your budget, and deliver your tickets to you in front of the theater or hotel free of charge. Helps that the sals reps are super nice too!

Today Tix

How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

 Today Tix is an app that offers affordable tickets to Broadway and off Broadway shows. The only downside is you can pick the section you want to sit in, but you can’t pick your seat. There only delivery method is meeting a concierge at the theater. They are definitely a tried and true service!


How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

They act strictly as a middleman, so you get a lot more options from the plethora of people selling merchandise. Added bonus, you are guaranteed not to be cheated. Stuhub’s got you covered!


How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets
Photo Credit: Craig Warga

85% of the shows on and off Broadway are on sale here for discounted prices, for the most part, though, they only sell day of tickets. The more popular shows: Hamilton, Wicked, Book of Mormon etc. will never be sold here they don’t need to offer discounts to sell their tickets.


How to Avoid Fake Broadway Show Tickets

They make a lot of guarantees and promises and something akin to a price matching deal. They’ll mail, email, or will call your tickets, and offer refunds+$100 credits in the event of a mistake on their part

By Fiona Thompson